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“We have had two of the BEST months EVER in our practice because of Jeanna’s efforts... generating a 6,536.54% ROI and 8,647.19% ROI respectively...”

“We were BLOWN AWAY with the results Jeanna Pool got for our practice. We simply couldn’t believe it. We have had two of the BEST months EVER in our practice because of Jeanna’s efforts...generating a 6,536.54% ROI and 8,647.19% ROI respectively. These kinds of numbers have made a huge difference for us, as any practitioner can imagine.

It’s so nice to know our marketing is in such capable hands. Because patient care is our top priority we simply don’t have time to learn or execute all of our marketing on our own. That’s why we made the decision to go with Jeanna.

We heard about the incredible results she had achieved for other doctors and we quickly realized that the words TRUST and Jeanna go hand in hand. From the very start of working together we felt like reaching new potential patients for our practice was a top concern for her. We never felt brushed aside. We were all in this together.

As a business owner, one can sometimes be very reticent about bringing on a new member to help with their company. This is usually because you want that person to treat your company as if it was their own and that is exactly how we felt working with Jeanna.  She is not happy with the results until her clients are happy with the results. Needless to say, we have been very HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS!

We understand that many practitioners need to save money within their practices. Because of this, they will attempt to save in areas that probably are best left for the experts.  Do you really have time to create a service that helps you get a steady stream of new, potential patients? Better question, do you really have the knowledge to make this happen? The answer to both questions is more than likely, no. It’s easy then, call in someone who can do this for you. Jeanna does all this and it involves very little effort on your part. Turn over your marketing to Jeanna and you may just see the incredible results we did!”

Kelly B. Engelmann, FNP-BC · Jackson, Mississippi

“In the first few months of this program, I have generated over $120,000 in income with an ROI of 865.39%. I’m now on the path to becoming a million dollar practice because of you...”

“Jeanna I want you to know, I am a huge Jeanna Pool fan. What you do for marketing GETS RESULTS! I call you 'the online marketing EXTRAORDINAIRE, go-to source.' With your guidance I have been able to achieve numbers such as these: In the first few months of this program, I have generated over $120,000 in income with an ROI of 865.39%. It’s really unbelievable. I’m now on the path to becoming a million dollar practice because of you!

I was so thrilled when you started offering your service that helps our practice to get more patients and consultations. When we signed up for this service I knew we would be well taken care of by you and your team. You have always been available when I have questions. I really love that you are so multi-talented in your marketing knowledge about online marketing and about getting new leads and patients.

I know that doctors practice different. Some are cash, some are insurance, some have a different focus than I do. I get it; there are lots of ways that people run their practice and their business. But, it really doesn’t matter how a doctor practices or what their set up is, what matters MOST is, the marketing work you do WILL bring in more business NO MATTER what they do or how they do it!

I HIGHLY recommend you and your marketing program to everyone that wants to get more thyroid patients. I have told everyone I know about you and will continue to do so! You are the most professional and thorough marketing person I have ever met and I know others will benefit from your services.

I can’t say it enough; if you are a doctor looking for a steady stream of new patient consultations there is a solution. It requires very little effort or time on your part. The solution is…Jeanna Pool. With her help and vast knowledge of online marketing you will be able to see what my practice has seen, a continual flow of new patient leads. I can say, for me and my practice, the calls, emails and patients just keep coming in! This is all thanks to Jeanna Pool.”

Dr. Randy Hansbrough, DC, DACAN, FIACN · Stuart, Florida

"I absolutely recommend Jeanna and her services to you — without reservation and without hesitation. I’ve worked with Jeanna for over 10 years now. I know, if you invest in her help, that investment will be returned to  you multiple times over..."

“I can’t even begin to describe how incredible Jeanna Pool’s work is. You can see her work, read her books, see the results she gets others and come to know and understand she’s the expert at marketing, and really she is! But, then to actually hire her, and have her do all of the marketing for you, that gets results and that makes you money—well that will absolutely blow you away! There is simply no comparison. Jeanna really is in a league, class and planet of her own!

I have had other people ask me, “What does it cost to hire Jeanna and become a client of hers?” to which I say, it costs nothing. Zero. Absolutely nothing. It’s an investment. Because it doesn’t matter how much it costs, she gets you results! And the results she gets you will more than pay for itself in a very short amount of time!

You actually make more money and get more clients when you hire Jeanna than you would on your own. Here are just a few things that have happened to me and my practice as a result of working with Jeanna: I was able to buy out another practice and have recently added 5 new doctors and practitioners to my clinic. We have a full practice of patients, many of whom travel from all around the United States to come see us. We are now the #1 choice, not just in Denver, but Colorado for Functional Medicine and tough cases. We are also #1 for Vertigo and Migraines. And I’m about to lock up another niche with Jeanna too.

It’s not uncommon and a very regular occurrence to have prospects call us and say they want to become patients. There is no selling or convincing them. They know they want to work with us. Many times they will even get out their credit cards and pay us over the phone! NONE of this would have been possible without the marketing training, coaching, mentoring and done-for-you marketing services Jeanna has done for me and my practice. I absolutely recommend her and her services to you—without reservation and without hesitation. I can speak from personal experience, what she does for marketing works!

I’ve worked with Jeanna for over 10 years now. If she did not produce results, there is no way I would have invested in her help for that amount of time. She absolutely knows what she’s talking about. She is a true expert and authority in marketing that really works and gets results and I know, if you invest in her help, that investment will be returned to you multiple times over. I can’t sing her praises enough. The work Jeanna has done for us has been and continues to be incredible!”

Dr. Shane Steadman, DC, DACNB, DCBCN, FACFN, FAAIM · Englewood, Colorado

“We have been ABSOLUTELY AMAZED by Jeanna Pool’s work. She is the 'real deal'...”

“We have been ABSOLUTELY AMAZED by Jeanna Pool’s work. We have helped so many thyroid patients that have reached out to us thanks to Jeanna’s marketing expertise, diligence and organizational skills. She is the 'real deal' when it comes to getting the word out to people about our ability to help people suffering with a thyroid condition.

Like many functional medicine clinics, we were so busy taking care of our current patients, that all of our efforts to reach out to people who needed our help was lacking. We had our share of referrals, but Jeanna’s marketing program really helped us to help others.

We heard about Jeanna Pool from several other functional medicine practitioners, who said she was THE EXPERT and THE ONE to call for online marketing help. After hearing this time and time again, we knew she was the one to turn to handle ALL of the marketing for our thyroid clinic. Many of these doctors had success with Jeanna and in time so did our clinic.

Trust me when I say, we are so grateful that the marketing of our clinic is in the capable, professional, expert hands of Jeanna Pool. Jeanna has help our practice as we continue to grow. We get to help more people, which is our number one priority. Because of Jeanna, we are able to spend crucial time with patients instead of trying to figure out our marketing on our own and trying a few things with little results — which is what life was like before we hired Jeanna.

I HIGHLY recommend you hire Jeanna today to help increase your thyroid consultations! She only works with ONE doctor per location and we have the Chicago area. If there is an open spot in your area, I recommend you snag her services now before someone else does. If you do you’ll have more time to spend doing what you love to do, while your practice grows and you are able to help more people suffering with thyroid conditions.

Dr. Jeff Forzley, DC, CCSP · Lemont, Illinois

“Within the first week of our working together, I absolutely knew I made the right decision in hiring Jeanna to handle everything for marketing my practice...”

“I love everything about working with Jeanna Pool and I know if you hire her to market your practice, you will absolutely LOVE working with her too! The #1 reason I chose Jeanna over all of the other options available to me for marketing my practice was this: ALL of her current and past clients gave such rave reviews and great endorsements about her work. It really says something about the caliber, professionalism and nature of her character to have her clients sing her praises so highly and so consistently.

Another big reason I chose Jeanna was, she has lots of experience working with medical professionals and chiropractors, especially functional medicine focused chiros like me and my practice. She really knows what works and what doesn’t for our industry.

Within the first week of our working together, I absolutely knew I made the right decision in hiring Jeanna to handle everything for marketing my practice! I can truly say that Jeanna is hands down, the most professional and best marketing person I have ever worked with! I highly recommend Jeanna for all practitioners who want the best marketing expert available. You will get just that with Jeanna. Here are just a few more things I love and could not be happier about with Jeanna: Unlike many others I’ve tried in the past, I never have to make multiple phone calls or follow ups with Jeanna, nor do I have her go back and fix mistakes or constantly micromanage her work. With Jeanna, the job gets done right the first time and every time! Her work and the services she does for my practice are fantastic. She truly delivers what she promises and so much more!

The best part about working with Jeanna is, she offers an all encompassing marketing plan and comprehensive marketing services — instead of bits and pieces and peacemeal. With Jeanna you get it all, soup to nuts. And this is exactly what we as doctors and chiropractors need. When we work with patients, we provide an all in one solution to their health problems. With Jeanna, she offers an all in one solution to marketing our practice the right way! Her work is a comprehensive system that works together with how I operate my practice and the two are a perfect match. Another reason I love Jeanna is, her fees are fantastic, very affordable and gives great value for all that she does!

The last thing I will say about Jeanna and her marketing program is this: you are crazy if you don’t sign up for her services today! If you miss out, I promise one of your competitors will jump at the chance to work with Jeanna. I highly recommend her!”

Dr. Larry Davis, FIAMA, PSc.D · Plano, Texas

“In the first couple of months, we generated over $61,040 in income with an ROI of 216%...”

“After I decided to hire outside help for my marketing, my practice has seen a huge increase in new patient consultations once I hired Jeanna Pool. In the first couple of months, we generated over $61,040 in income with an ROI of 216%.

As the owner and director of our clinic I'm faced with many decisions every day. After talking to many other doctors about their online marketing it was clear that this would be one decision that would be very easy. Hire the person who consistently GETS RESULTS. That’s why I hired Jeanna Pool! I know for many of us the world of online marketing can be confusing, arcane and time consuming.  Because I don’t have the time to be an expert in online marketing myself, I decided to hire someone who is THE EXPERT. Jeanna is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and dedicated to doing what needs to be done to get you results.

My practice would not be growing the way it is without Jeanna’s help. She genuinely cares about our practice and our entire staff. This is very rare for a marketing company. Many of them simply want to make as much money as possible and don’t care about the results. This is absolutely not the case with Jeanna. She has always been very gracious with my staff when it comes to answering their questions about certain aspects of the program such as follow-up with leads, booking appointments and strategies to help make the program even more successful.

If you have decided it's time to try new avenues for marketing and you are unclear how online marketing works, call in help. For something this important there really is only one person to hire…Jeanna Pool. She is the one who will work hard to get results for you. If you’re ready to see your practice grow, hire her now and you will see the INCREDIBLE RESULTS!”

A. Elliot Hirshorn, III, DC, DACNB, DPSc · Simpsonville, South Carolina

“She is PHENOMENAL at what she does...”

“You can’t argue with these numbers. In less than 3 months of working with Jeanna Pool we have generated an ROI of 140.12%.

Our practice could not be happier that we hired Jeanna Pool to handle our online marketing. She is PHENOMENAL at what she does, which is to bring her clients as many new patient consults as possible. We are happy to report that because of her conscientious approach to our marketing we have seen a major increase in our consultations and patients.

The program absolutely worked tremendously and we are very excited by the possibilities. There is a very small amount of work for the staff trying to schedule consults.

The people who show up are definitely suitable patients and have the problem we are advertising for and are the types of patients we want. Those that proceed with treatment are motivated and are good patients. All in all, it is a great investment with a tremendous upside and very low risk. I love you guys!”

Dr. John Rees, DC, CFMP · Milton, Delaware

“If you ever have a chance to hire her, don’t even think twice — do it immediately! Hire her before your competitor does...”

“Hiring Jeanna Pool to handle the marketing for my practice has been one of the BEST business decisions I’ve ever made and has helped drive quality patients to my office for my care! I handed over ALL of the marketing for my business to Jeanna and the results have been absolutely amazing! She is an absolute EXPERT in what she does. And she knows what WILL and what will NOT work for making you the best in your niche and number one in your local market.

I have worked with Jeanna for many years for online marketing — with incredible results. When she approached to do more paid channels for marketing, I was a little skeptical, but I have a very high level of trust with Jeanna. I'm very glad that I listened to her and just did what she said, because in just over 1 month, I have generated over 70 new thyroid leads for my practice!

I could NOT be happier with the work Jeanna has done and continues to do for me and my business. If you ever have a chance to hire her, don’t even think twice — do it immediately! Hire her before your competitor does! The investment will pay for itself again and again! She’s the real deal, a true expert in the complex subject of marketing a chiropractic practice in the way that works and gets results. She will position and market you as the best! And just like me, with Jeanna, you will get INCREDIBLE results too!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, she only works with one person per niche and area. So this means I’m the ONLY functional medicine practitioner in my niche in Denver that gets to benefit from her expertise and results! This is just one more reason you’d be crazy not to hire Jeanna immediately!!!”

Dr. David Arthur, DC, DACNB, FACFN · Denver, Colorado

“We owe Jeanna Pool a tremendous amount of gratitude and appreciation for helping us to keep our practice afloat. Quite honestly, without Jeanna’s efforts with our online marketing, we would not be in business today...”

“As any practitioner can tell you, the details of running a successful practice can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. Most of us want to run a thriving practice but getting there is not always within our reach. We can be limited by a shortage of time and, let’s face it, a shortage of the most current knowledge about how exactly to achieve this.

That is exactly the point we were at when we heard about Jeanna Pool. The best thing we did was, turn our marketing over to her. We owe Jeanna Pool a tremendous amount of gratitude and appreciation for helping us to keep our practice afloat. Quite honestly, without Jeanna’s efforts with our online marketing, we would not be in business today.

The reality is, since we handed our marketing to Jeanna, she has generated over 1,250 patient leads in a very short amount of time. With her knowledge and EXPERTISE we consistently draw, on average, 50 registrations for our seminars. Last month alone we got over 75 registrations.

Most business owners would agree, this stream of new leads doesn’t just happen on it’s own. It takes careful, skilled attention to detail. When you work with someone like Jeanna you can feel confident that your marketing needs are in good hands. She certainly is a TRUSTED, VALUABLE component to our practice.

If your current practice is not what you imagined it would be, then it may be time to take the next step and ask for help. We are so thankful that we asked Jeanna for her help. We have tried different kinds of marketing but the type of online marketing that Jeanna provides, has been the key to our sustained success. We can’t emphasize enough how her expertise has changed our entire practice.”

Dr. Brian Shannon, DC · Wyckoff, New Jersey

“Within the first 2 weeks of working with Jeanna we paid for the entire program and recouped our entire investment! We’ve been amazed by the results, we cannot believe the success...”

“We cannot believe our results since working with Jeanna. Within the first 2 weeks of working with Jeanna we paid for the entire program and recouped our entire investment! We’ve been amazed by the results, we cannot believe the success. It’s very simple, what Jeanna does, works.

Yes, you could hire a marketing firm that promises big numbers and then they either, don’t follow up or they disappear. It’s all about trust. With the part of your practice that is so critical to growth, you need to work with a TRUSTED and PROVEN person. That would be Jeanna Pool.

Turning over one’s marketing to just anyone can be a big mistake. When you hire someone who manages the marketing of your business or practice as if it were their own, then you know you have found a VALUABLE PARTNER. That is exactly what Jeanna Pool does. Her approach to marketing our practice is key to why our practice continues to grow.

Jeanna has always been accessible whenever a technical question needs to be answered. She never makes my staff or I feel insignificant. She takes the time to explain every part of her marketing services…big or small. We know we are in good hands because she manages to keep 'all of the balls in the air' without causing stress or chaos to our staff. If you hire Jeanna you will quickly see that she is PROFESSIONAL but at the same time she is a lot of fun to work with. She brings a high energy, positive mindset to all of her work.

Many doctors I have talked to have tried a variety of marketing techniques…some have performed great and some have performed dismally. Don’t waste any more time with  “hit and miss” marketing…go with what works. The key to finding marketing success is to find the person who has a long, proven record of results. Jeanna is that person. Jeanna has been marketing businesses and practices successfully for over 2 decades. Which is weird because she only looks 21 years old. 🙂 Trust me when I say, you will NOT regret hiring Jeanna.”

Dr. Jeremy Schmoe, DC, DACNB, FACFN, FABBI · Minneapolis, Minnesota

“She is OUTSTANDING in her field. As doctors, we often refer patients to specialists. Well if you need a specialist, who truly understands the workings and continual changes that are part of online marketing, then you should call in Jeanna...”

“We love Jeanna Pool and her services. It’s hard not to. In the very short time that we have worked with Jeanna, we've received thousands of high quality consultation requests! The leads and potential patients that Jeanna is able to generate, are like nothing our practice has ever seen before — from any other marketing we have ever done.

Many doctors may be experiencing what I was going through, in that I simply didn’t have the time or desire to educate myself on the workings of marketing. That’s why I decided to hire Jeanna. Plus, her program gave me exclusivity and the only doctor in my local area that she would work with…which is priceless!

She is OUTSTANDING in her field. As doctors, we often refer patients to specialists. Well if you need a specialist, who truly understands the workings and continual changes that are part of online marketing, then you should call in Jeanna as your specialist. She knows her stuff! I love medicine…not marketing. I understand the importance of marketing. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to implement it, that’s why it’s best to leave it to the people who have a proven track record of results—Jeanna is that person! She definitely has a proven track record…just look at the results she achieved for us!

I have talked to many doctors about their choices for marketing their practices and many share common frustrations. Often I hear how unavailable and detached their “marketing team” becomes once they are hired. I have NEVER experienced this with Jeanna and her team. She is passionate and enthusiastic about helping her clients and is always responsive and follows through on every detail of our marketing. SHE DELIVERS!

I have complete trust in Jeanna’s abilities to help guide anyone who is looking to increase their new patient consultations. Don’t try to figure all of this out on your own. Many practices make the mistake of trying to give one of their staff members a “crash course” in online marketing. Let’s face it; most staff members in medical offices are already buried in a multitude of other tasks.

Save yourself and your staff the headache of trying to learn all of this. HIRE THE BEST – hire Jeanna Pool. Your personal schedule will free up and your staff will love you for it and most importantly your practice will grow and thrive.”

Dr. Tinuade Olusegun, MD · San Antonio, TX

Meet Jeanna Pool...

Founder of Become #1 In Your Niche

Jeanna is a rare breed, in that she's an expert in both marketing that actually works and design that actually sells...two disciplines and competencies that very, very few can bring together successfully.

Born and raised in Odessa, Texas (she graduated from the same high school featured in the movie Friday Night Lights) she is the only child of two very successful, entrepreneurial parents. Jeanna holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Design with a Minor in Journalism from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.

Before striking out on her own, she worked as a graphic designer, website designer and marketing specialist for a variety of firms and a variety of clients in a variety of industries...everything from corporate America to non-profits to government. Some of the companies Jeanna has done work for include: Apple, Motorola, Eli Lilly, Sun Microsystems, Coopers & Lybrand, Up With People, YoungLife, University of Wyoming, Texas A&M University, Pulte Homes and Benjamin Moore Paints.

Today Jeanna owns and operates Marketing for Solos® which is her own, highly successful, award-winning, marketing firm. She's in the trenches day in and day out, putting into action marketing strategies that she preaches about and teaches others to use and apply in their own businesses for success.

Jeanna is the Amazon #1 bestselling author of "Marketing for Solos®".

She's also the co-author of Power and Soul and has been featured in the bestselling book Duct Tape Marketing and The Official Get Rich Guide to Information Marketing. Jeanna is also a sought after speaker and expert, regularly speaking and appearing in radio, TV and printed media outlets around the USA and Canada, where she shares her knowledge and expertise on marketing that works for "solo" one man or one woman business owner.

Jeanna has been called "One of the World's Foremost Experts on Marketing a One-Person Small Business Successfully."

With Jeanna there's never any fluff or theory to what she teaches and does in regard to marketing. Instead, she focuses only on marketing strategies that actually work in the real world.

Jeanna works with small business owners all across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and around the world for online marketing and offline marketing that gets results and dramatically increases the profits and income for her clients!

All of Jeanna's clients have one thing in common—they're really good at what they do, but sometimes really struggle to market their services successfully and attract clients consistently.

One of Jeanna's greatest strengths is her ability to motivate and lead people to become the very best version of themselves. She strives to be the very best in everything she does and her contagious personality motivates her clients and others to do the same. Jeanna's no-nonsense, straightforward, passionate, motivational, fun-loving personality shines through in all of the marketing coaching, mentoring, training and work she does for her clients.

The niche Jeanna works with and focuses on for the Become #1 In Your Niche program is functional medicine and functional neurology based doctors, including MDs, DOs, NDs, DCs, NPs and other functional based wellness practitioners.

Jeanna is one of the most sought after marketing experts serving the functional medicine and functional neurology community.

To explore working with Jeanna, click the blue "learn more" link below...

We’ve generated a 140.12% to over 8,647.19% ROI for our doctors and their practices.

That's The Power of Becoming #1 In Your Niche...

If you're ready to be THE #1 doctor in your local niche, and be seen as the absolute expert and ultimate authority in your field, and be positioned as the obvious choice to hire, versus your're in the right place!

Will YOU be the ONE who becomes #1 or will it be your competition?


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